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.Net and I

I made my first attempts at developing software about 26 years ago in GFA Basic on an Atari ST. From this point on I was fascinated with the opportunities that gave me a chance to write programs that could be used by any number of users, and the search for the best technical environment has led me to .Net.

I can still clearly remember when I was developing Web Services for the first time and the feelings of the incredible prospects that arose.

.Net and I have matured. We have developed and are constantly in the process of making improvements ;-).
- VB.Net, c#
- SQL, Rest
- jQuery
- Oracle, DB2
- WinForms
- mySQL, Entity
- Infragistics
- Installshield
- JavaScript
- Silverlight
Specialists in handling large data amounts and multi-threading applications - Offshore project execution with specialists in India, Pakistan and Serbia

Mazedonien 2012

Now I have already implemented some IOS / Android Projecte with a team in Macedonia.

Middle of the year I visited the team and we are now working on a multiplatform project for iOS, Android, Facebook and Windows RT.

Many thanks to Boro, who has shown me Macedonia outside the office and took me arround ;-)

As a location for software development, Macedonia is typical "mid-price-country" and integrates well with flight over Belgrade.

Malaysia 2012

The year 2012 was particularly spanned. Earlier this year I visited my contact in Malaysia and we were able to agree on the joint development of the Platform mymotors24.

This is an international car sales platform that will go online in 2013. By the way, I have meet Fann in India for the first time ;-)

Besides, I have shown a lot of Fann Malaysia and I am richer by much experience - Thanks Fann!

Indien 2011

After I have been extensively done projects with help of developers and designers from various countries all over the world during the last years, I visited a Team in India, with whom I collaborate for a long time, in Calcutta.

It was a inspire and productive time in which I have gained many experiences.
I uploaded pictures on Facebook for those who are interested:-)

Las Vegas 2010

With the new version of Visual Studio, for the first time I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge directly from the source. A few weeks before the German release was published, I was able to update my knowledge of .Net4 and Visual Studio 2010 in Las Vegas.

It was a fantastic and exhausting event where I extended my .Net skills on Silverlight and learnt many other new .Net techniques. The slot machines were not in Karlsruhe in 2002, however there was the same enthusiasm for .Net and the knowledge that one does not have to be a genius to write truly big programs :- )
Milestone Technology Ltd.
Software for car Dealers & Internet

In the meantime, I have taken over the management of Milestone Technology Ltd. I have developed an application of electronic customs registrations using the Atlas method.

goCode GmbH i.G.
Software for tourism & mobile APPs

The goCode GmbH iG has specialized in applications for the tourism and mobile APPs. The company is a joint venture with RC Travel, which develops software for travel agencies and booking platforms based on the web and mobile devices.

exceed expectations

My promise is to surprise myself again and again with positive ideas and services provided.

Just as I like to try new and different ideas, services and know-how will be performed as expected.

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